Welcome to Finviz Finance in Python’s documentation!

It is a Finviz Finance information downloader.

Installation (python >= v3.5)

> virtualenv -p python3 virtualenvironment
> source virtualenvironment/bin/activate
> pip install finvizfinance

Quote Examples

import pandas as pd
from finvizfinance.quote import finvizfinance

stock = finvizfinance('tsla')

Example downloading chart:


Example getting individual ticker information

stock_fundament = stock.TickerFundament()
stock_description = stock.TickerDescription()
outer_ratings_df = stock.TickerOuterRatings()
news_df = stock.TickerNews()
inside_trader_df = stock.TickerInsideTrader()

Screener Example

from finvizfinance.screener.overview import Overview
foverview = Overview()
filters_dict = {'Exchange':'AMEX','Sector':'Basic Materials'}
df = foverview.ScreenerView()

News Example

from finvizfinance.news import News
fnews = News()
all_news = fnews.getNews()
# all_news['news'].head()
# all_news['blogs'].head()

Insider Example

from finvizfinance.insider import Insider
finsider = Insider(option='top owner trade')

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